Hello !

My first post seems like it has borrowed the title from Adele’s new song. Let’s hope hopelessly that it will have the same success!

To everyone reading this, I have to say some things:

  1. I opened this blog so I can  have a private space where I can freely vocalize what’s on my mind. This does not mean I do not share my thoughts and opinions with others in my daily life too.  In fact, if you ask people around me they’ll say I have a very bubbly and talkative character. However, writing is different. It helps me organize my thoughts, express myself better and also it improves my English as it is not my native language. Moreover, it is like my personal diary where I get to witness my growth as an individual.
  2. So why blogging? Why not keep it personal but decide to put it out there in the world? Well, firstly because I want to share my ideas and if I am fortunate enough, get to know people with whom I can discuss and exchange opinions and thoughts. Secondly, opening a blog puts a much sought incentive to write continuously and to fulfill one of my previous explained goals.
  3. As vocal as I may be about my opinions, I do not want to disclose more personal details than this: I am in high school, currently in my last year. I am a girl if you do not understand it by my username which in fact is a nickname given to me by my best friend. I have an younger brother and a loving family. I have had a normal life thus far (meaning: I haven’t suffered  any traumatic experiences and I do not have any mental or physical issues.)

Thanks in advance for abiding by my rule. (Even though you don’t really have a say in the matter.)